Jewish Tour

Only in Berlin can you explore the the breadth of Jewish-German history with such tangibility.

Since before the first mention of a settlement in 1244, Jews have lived in Berlin. Jewish presence has impacted upon cultural, political and economic life in the city, not least during the tragic events surrounding WWII.

Explore pre-war Jewish life in Berlin while discovering the importance of Jewish contribution to Germany’s cultural, scientific and social fabric. Hear about the lives of some of the most prominent Jewish residents of Berlin.

We’ll trace the persecution of Jews in Berlin during the Third Reich era, see what remains, what doesn’t and how it is remembered in modern day Berlin. We’ll visit some collection centers for deportation, some synagogues (new and old) and some sites of radical protests against National Socialism. Learn where one man risked his life to save Jewish people from persecution, and see some beautiful and important memorials, discovering how the Jewish community is still rebuilding itself today.

If you opt for a slightly longer tour, we can also take in some sights further afield that provide a more indepth look at Jewish life across Berlin.